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yeah yeah yeah...

2012-10-19 02:39:58 by Yolee

hey guys!
after many times of disanimating i finally made a's a test and was made in 2 hours.i hope you'll like it :D 32f3d9f285dd98017191


2011-09-28 00:28:10 by Yolee

so,i would make a project.can you give me ideas?:)

Happy madness day!

2011-09-22 18:56:29 by Yolee

Happy madness day!
We finally over our collab.D and FUCkYEAH,we did it!)

Hi everybody!

2011-04-11 20:58:11 by Yolee

hi everybody in newgrounds!:D It's my first post))

Hi everybody!